About Medical service Davepo s.r.o.

Medical service Davepo s.r.o. is a holder of authorization to provide health services. All employees and ambulances are strictly controlled by paramedics from Regional Office. Medical ambulances agree with decree corresponding to the rules. All assistaces are carried out with ambulances which are equipped with materials which are according to the law about EHC and the relevant decree. Our team is always composed from qualified rescuer and nurse whos have authorization to do all health services without professional surveillance. All our services are covered by insurance for damages caused by the provision of health services.

About Us

24-hour dispatching control

tel: +420 725 970 775
e-mail: ZbFzV1~f67c-UZl__hkmb

This phone number can be used by clients with speaking disorders or with hearing disorders. Ours clients can use SMS to call help because this line is monitored and in continuous operation.

Exit habitats :

Masarykova 1363, 252 19 Rudná u Prahy

Čestín 40, 285 10 Čestín district Kutná Hora

It's your choice which kind of transport medical service you choose

Transport medical service works 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. You can order ours services by these phone numbers +420 725 970 775 and +420 602 537 076. These numbers can be used by clients with speaking disorders or with hearing disorders. Ours clients can use SMS to call help because this line is monitored and in continuous operation. For order services is not necessary any recommendation neither command for medical transport.

The services are provide for all self-payers clients. Everyone has the right to choice which one of ours ambulances wants to use to go to the hospital.

For ours clients we guaratnee individual approach, reliability and discretion.

Ambulances are equipped with materials which according to the law and with all materials we need for yours safe transport. From above – standard equipment, we have air conditioning in area for ours clients which helps to increase the comfort of transport.

If you call to our telephone number, at first you you will speak with operator who will ask you about your name, your adress, you specify your location so that the operator can organize your transport as good as possible.

The qualified personal with many experiences will always come for you. It is obvious that the staff will take care of you and you lauggage. You can ravel alone or with your escort. We transport childrens only in child seats.

Everything you should take with you if you to go with us to hospital or spa :

  • identity card
  • insurer's license
  • luggage with personal belongings


Repatriation of patients

Repatriation of our clients from abroad

Clients are provided with all the necessary service, which improves the comfort of their transport. Of course, it is a friendly transport, but it also provides snacks. Ambulances are equipped with air conditioning in area. If you have a problem, we are almost instantly able to come for you.

We will safely transport you from all around the world. On your demand we will ensure air transport. We will ensure transport for your family or your car.

We hope that you will never have to use our services but if you will need our help, we hope that you will be satisfied.

Medical assistence - we look after your safety

We can also offer our services in cutural, social and sport events. Our staff has a lot of experience.
For example:

  • Motorist events ( motocross, car races )
  • Cycling races
  • Assisting wiht shooting
  • Music festivals
  • Cultural and social events
  • Events for kids
  • Celebrations in cities


For ensurence in hardly available places we use unique ambulances Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ 78. These ambulances have traction 4x4 so they get to hardly available places. And they are equipped with all we need for your transport and enable transport lying down.


The events where our team was:

Sport and motorbike events:

Intercontinental rally (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017), Tunis event, Geocachingrally (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017), Hellas Rally Raid, ERC Acropolis rally, Bohemia 4x4 trophy, Bosnian Warrior, Mistrovství Evropy v Enduru, ARO šou, Iveco Dakar day, Offroad maraton, Sázavamania, Cyklistycký závod - Kolo pro život, Český pohár horských kol, Běžíme na hrad, RunCzech, Masiv MTB stage race, Bochovské šlapačky, Mystic SK8 Cup, ČEZ kvadriatlon, 5K Inflatable FUN, atd.

Cultural events and movie shooting:

Westernstory, Knihtfall, Britannia, 12 opic, Přání k mání, Reklama pro Českou zbrojovku, Genius, Das Boot, The Quake, Carnival Row, UN AGENT / Alpha code, Serpent Gift, Slangebs gave (Hadí kouzlo), Pepa, Ich und R, Maria Theresia, atd.

Partner Okresní sdružení hasičů Kutná Hora, soutěže v požárním sportu, TFA, Pivo zadarmo fest, Hypno Open Air, večer s TV NOVA na pražském Žofíně, Cesta za snem, Festival Sporťáček, Skalické dni, Junior Adventure Camp, atd.

All Contacts - if you need to contact us

Medical service Davepo s.r.o.

Headquarters: Čestín 40, 285 10 Čestín
Billing information: Čestín 40, 285 10 Čestín
Identification number: 05288673
Tax identification number (VAT number): CZ05288673

Authorization to provide health services No.: 006097/2017/KUSK

Member of the Association of non-state transport health services

Non-stop dispatching:
tel: +420 725 970 775

Exit stations:
Masarykova 1363, 252 19 Rudná u Prahy
Čestín 40, 285 10 Čestín

Chief of operations, heath assistance and managing director:
David Veselý
tel:+420 602 537 076

Foreign assistance, managing director:
Robert Löwy
tel: +420 777 663 234