About Medical service Davepo s.r.o.

Medical service Davepo s.r.o. is a holder of the official “Authorization for providing health services”specified as a “Transport of the Emergency Patients, Medical Transportation Services and Home Care

All employees and ambulances are strictly controlled by Regional Health Office authorities. Medical ambulances agree with all decrees corresponding to the rules.

All assistances are carried out with ambulances which are equipped according to the law about EHC and all relevant decrees. Our mission team is always composed of qualified rescuer driver and diploma paramedic or a nurse who have authorization to provide all health services without professional surveillance on site; if needed, physician is in a crew, too.

All our services are covered by a special insurance for damages caused in providing health services.


24 - hours dispatch control centre

tel: +420 311 440 277 or + 420 770 600 606

e-mail: ZbFzV1~f67c-UZl__hkmb

This phone numbers can be also used by clients with speaking or hearing disorders. Ours clients canwrite an SMS to call help because this line is monitored and in continuous operation.

Our stations for Transport of the Emergency Patients and Medical Transportation Services:

Masarykova 1363, 252 19 Rudná u Prahy

U nemocnice 504/1, 128 00 Praha 2

Our stations for Medical Assistances:

Masarykova 1363, 252 19 Rudná u Prahy

Čestín 40, 285 10 Čestín, Kutná Hora district





Medical service Davepo is testing also clients who are not indicated to test by local epidemiologistic authorities. We can provide this test to all self – payers; the sampling can take part in any place you want in our sampling ambulance car - this is available only for testing more than 10 people in one place (must be ordered by email, the price is according to order specifications).

COVID-19 diagnostic testing is done to find out if you're currently infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID - 19). The sample will undergo a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. This type of test detects signs of the virus’s genetic materiál in nasopharyngeal swab specimens.

The results are sent by SMS, the protocols are sent on your email address.

We are specialised on a mass sampling for institutions and movie productions. 

For self – payers there is a sampling site in Rudná, Masarykova 1363. You have to arrange a reservation term for your visit via phone 311 440 277, 770 600 606 or e-mail: ZbFzV1~f67c-UZl__hkmb



  1. Laboratory test on SARS CoV by PCR (unique certified test with an international protocol)

  • results within 3 hours - 7000 CZK

  • results within 6 hours - 3500 CZK

  • results within 24 hours - 1670 CZK

  • international protocol - 320 CZK (included international protocol signed by physician needed for border crossing in English, Russian and Czech language) 

  1. One Step Rapid Test Covid 19 Ag – very precise rapid test on coronavirus; the result is known within 10 minutes – 425 CZK

  2. Covid 19 IgM – rapid test on antigens, made from blood sample; the result is known in 10 minutes – 670 CZK

  3. The whole spectrum test on antigens IgA, IgG, IgM – 2990 CZK

    Do you want to know if you had covid ? This whole spectrum test will help you to find out, if you had been in contact with coronavirus in the past or if you are infectious at the present. You could have had no symptoms or just a mild symptoms of covid which you may not identify as a significant ones.


What is PCR test about ?

PCR test is a highly specific and sensitive test which detects ribonucleotic acid (RNA) and detects genes specified for SARS – CoV – 2. This test is the only recommended test as a most reliable diagnostic test. 


What do I need to take with me to be tested on ?

  1. ID card/passport – it doesn 't matter if you are self – payer or if you have Czech health insurance

  2. cash money or confirmation about payment (if arranged as a mass sampling and got an invoice)

How is PCR test provided ?

The test is provided by special sterile single - use swab, which is inserted in a nose. The virus is multiplied also in a cells of an nasopharyngeal area, so the swab has to reach also this place. 


Do I have to announce my virus – positivity to local epidemiologistic authorities or do you announce it as a testing and lab site ?

You are not forced to announce it also in a case you are tested positive. The results are sent to local authorities approximately within 3 hours of reaching the results. 

You are bounden to follow all restrictions according to national directives.


May I let tested also my children ?

If you want to cross the borders to same states, you may need tests also for your children, so please, always follow local and national instructions for borders crossing and requirements of those states you want to travel.


Do I need negative results to the destinations I want to fly in ?

In a case of getting information about border crossing, please, always follow updated informations on a websites of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health and your airlines company.




We cooperate with


TILIA LABORATORIES offers molecular genetic testing for veterinary and human molecular microbiology (identification of causative agents of infectious diseases in animals, humans and overlapping zoonotic diseases), molecular genetics (identification of mutations associated with genetic syndromes and inherited genetic diseases, both in animals and humans), and the genetic identification of individuals using their unique STR profiles.





SCIMED Biotechnologies s.r.o. is a Czech biotechnology company that participates in the production of nanofiber face masks and is a partner of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic with the authorization to test COVID-19. Our R&D department carefully analyses new trends in regenerative medicine and cell therapy. We cooperate with leading academic institutes, and seek out opportunities to transfer the latest knowledge of applied research into medical practice.

Medical Assistance - we look after your safety

We can also offer our services as a medical safety team in a cultural, social and sport events. Our staff has a lot of experiences in securing of a wide range of many events. For example:

  • Motoring sport events (motocross, car races)
  • Cycling races
  • Assisting with movie shooting
  • Music festivals
  • Cultural and social events
  • Events for kids
  • Celebrations in cities

For your orders, please, contact us by phone +420 770 606 105 or 2.ok_3hgc8m%C25n0iBhTj; we will be pleased to prepare quotation for you.

Who can provide medical assistances ? Plese, read the recommendation of the health office:


General contracting rules of a medical assistance:

Type of the event – sport; concert of a popular or rock music; social event – company, children´s day, religious meetings, festivals etc. We recommend to ask services provider you have chosen for „Authorization for providing health services“. These authorizations are issued by decree of the Districts Offices, Municipality of Prague City.

Medical Assistances can be provided only by providers who have an authorization for providing health services specified as a „Transport of the Emergency Patients“


IMG_20180519_160943     IMG_20180519_165811

Almost 10 years we are providing medical assistances in a hardly accessible terrain (in a mud, sand, snow). We use special vehicles: unique all – terrain ambulances Toyota Land Cruiser, 4Runner and Ford Ranger, quad bikes and UTV Polaris.

These 4 x 4 traction vehicles can reach also hard accessible places, where other ambulances have no chance to get.

Our vehicles are equipped with all we need for your transport and enable lying position.


The events where our teams kindly took part:

Sport and motorbike events:

Intercontinental rally (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017), Tunis event, Geocachingrally (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017), Hellas Rally Raid, ERC Acropolis rally, Hispaniarally, Bohemia 4x4 trophy, Bosnian Warrior, Mistrovství Evropy v Enduru, ARO šou, Iveco Dakar day, Offroad maraton, Sázavamania, Cyklistic závod - Kolo pro život, Český pohár horských kol, Běžíme na hrad, RunCzech, Masiv MTB stage race, Bochovské šlapačky, Mystic SK8 Cup, ČEZ kvadriatlon, 5K Inflatable FUN, Spartan Race, Mezinárodní mistrovství v motokrosu, Predádor Race, Prague Playoffs, Border War, STIHL Timbersport world championchip 2019, Valašská rallye 2020, MM ČR v motokrosu 2020, atd.

Cultural and social events, movie shooting:

Westernstory, Knightfall, Britannia, 12 opic, Přání k mání, Genius, Das Boot, The Quake, Carnival Row, UN AGENT / Alpha code, Serpent Gift, Slangebs gave (Hadí kouzlo), Pepa, Ich und R, Maria Theresia, Whisky Cavalier, Staříci, Jo Jo Rabit, BOSCO, Staříci, Word on Fire, Edmond, Žižka, Knightfall 2, Devil, Octoberfest, Shadowplay, Marie Terezie II., The wheel of time, A boy called Christmas, Carnival Row II., Das Boot II., Transatlantic 473, Margarite 1, Miracle Workers, TGM, OSLO,  reklama pro Českou zbrojovku, MALL, Škoda Auto, Vodafone, Columbia, Jagermaister, Harley Davidson, LEGO atd.

Partner Okresní sdružení hasičů Kutná Hora, soutěže v požárním sportu, TFA, Pivo zadarmo fest, Hypno Open Air, večer s TV NOVA na pražském Žofíně, Cesta za snem, Festival Sporťáček, Skalické dni, Junior Adventure Camp, etc.


Transport of the Emergency Patients

Medical service Davepo has ambulance cars Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Transporter and Ford Ranger CTS, which operates mostly as a cars for planned transports of the patients accompanied by paramedic or physician. These transports are usually between two hospitals. The scheduling of these transports are arranged by our experienced call – taker on our dispatch centre.


If you need this type of transport, please, contact us 24 – hours by phone +420 311 440 277 or +420 770 600 606.

How to order transport with BLS (paramedic + driver), ALS or ICU Ambulance (paramedic + driver + physician) crew:

  • contact dispatch centre Medical service Davepo

  • name of the hospital and department, where the patient is in

  • name of the patient, type and number of his health insurance

  • precise diagnose of the patients and your specifications of the transport (e.g. ECG monitoring, i.v. medicine dosing device, oxygen supply etc.)

  • define the type of accompany - it means paramedic or physician crew

  • define finish place or hospital and department, where the patient should be transported

  • define date and time, when the crew will pick up the patient

  • define phone number of the department, from which the transport is ordered

  • answer another questions of the call – taker

It' s your choice which kind of Medical Transportation Services you will choose

Medical Transportation Services works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can order ours services by these phone numbers +420 311 440 277 and +420 770 700 606. These phone numbers can be used also by clients with speaking or hearing disorders. Ours clients can write SMS to call help because this line is monitored and is in a continuous operation.

For order services there is no need to have any recommendation, neither command for medical transport. Our services can be provided also for all self – payers. Everyone has the right to choice which ambulance he will use to get to the hospital.

For ours clients we guarantee individual approach, reliability and discreetness.

Ambulances are equipped with materials according to the law and with all materials we need for your safe transport. From above – standard equipment we have air condition in area for ours clients which helps to increase the comfort of transport.

If you call to our telephone number, at first you you will speak with our call taker who will ask about your name, your address and specifics about location so that the operator can organize your transport as good as possible.

Always the qualified crew with many experiences will drive for you. It is obvious that the staff will take care of you and your luggage. You can travel alone or with your escort.

We transport children only in a safe child seats, we do care about safety of your loved ones.

Everything you should take with you if you drive with us to the hospital, maternity hospital or spa:

  • identity card (or passport)
  • medical insurance card of the patient
  • luggage with personal belongings


Repatriation of patients

Repatriation of our clients from abroad

Our company also provides repatriations of the patients from abroad to their home. Clients will obtain all the necessary service, which improves the comfort of their transport home, careful driving and snacks are common service and we look after all client´s needs. Ambulances are equipped with air condition in the whole ambulance area. If you are in a trouble, we are almost instantly able to drive for you.

We will safely drive you home from any place in the world.

On your demand we can arrange air transportation by commercial flights, if your medical condition allows it. We will ensure transport for your family or for your car, if you can´t drive it yourself.

We hope that you will never need our services but if yes, we hope that you will be satisfied with our services.

Medical service Davepo has a contracts with EURO – CENTER, ALLIANZ and AXA Assistance CZ.

    DPU08F5A      Allianz       150px-AXA_Logo_svg

First Aid Courses

All of us had ever asked himself, what would he do in a situation, which would require his rapid response. What would I do ? How would I react ? Am I ready to help ? And that ´s the reason why we are here with our first aid courses. With us you can test your reactions on scenarios, which are prepared for you on our courses.

We will teach you how to take care about injured people, how to communicate with them, what to be aware of and how to save a life. Don´t be afraid and come to learn first aid, which could one day safe a life of your loved ones. All of our courses are lectured by professional paramedics who have a lot of experiences in field and will teach you how to be good life saver.

In a case you are interested in our first aid course, call us +420 311 440 277 and +420 770 600 606, email ZbFzV1~f67c-UZl__hkmb


Basis First Aid

The course is suitable for firms, engineering companies but also for public. It is about basic operations in life – threatening situations like serious bleeding, unconsciousness, cardiac arrest, epilepsy, stroke, fractures, diabetes and so on. You will practice everything on your own. We will explain everything for you in a clear and simple way so you will be strong in a real situation. The praxis is based on a theoretical knowledges, which you will also get on our course. You will obtain informations about human body to understand how it works and how to give first aid effectively.

We will teach you how to communicate correctly with the EMS call – taker and not to be afraid of having life of the injured one in your hands. The course lasts 5 hours, but can be arrange according to your needs. If you want to learn much more about first aid, we can arrange it just according to your order.

First Aid Course for Voluntary Firefighters Squads

The course is focused on an emergency situations for voluntary firefighters, esp. for those who are involved in a system of missions as a first responders. The course is designed so the squad is well prepared to act in car accidents, mass disasters or another special urgent missions. We put stress on theoretical and practical training. We will speak about technical first aid, medical first aid, transport techniques, fixing cervical collars, taking off one ´s helmet, oxygen supply device, triage by mass disaster according to START method which is used by integrated rescue systems commonly. It is also possible to teach the squad everything about AED in a case, that they have it in their cars or plan to buy it. Are you a super firefighter ? Become super rescuers with us ! There is nothing what would make you more happy than well done mission and saved lifes. The full time course lasts 8 hours. This time can be extended for more hours or days – depends on how good and prepared you want to be.


This course is focused on a sudden cardiac arrest in a field which could have many reasons and in a situation when AED is available and quick to use. We are speaking about train, bus and airport terminals, squares, police departments, municipal houses, theatres, offices etc. This unique and easily operated device can decide about one´s being. The aim of the course is to learn how to operate AED by sudden cardiac arrest and CPR and how to communicate with the EMS dispatch centre.


Do you need to connect with us ?

Medical service Davepo s.r.o.

Headquater: Čestín 40, 285 10 Čestín, Czech Republic
Billing informations: Čestín 40, 285 10 Čestín, Czech Republic

Identification number: 05288673
Tax identification number (VAT number): CZ05288673

The company is registered by Prague City Court 261270 C

Authorization for providing health services is granted by Central Bohemian Region Local District, Health office No. 006097/2017/KUSK

Member of „Association of the workers in a Non – State Medical Transportation Services“

24 – hours dispatch control centre:
+420 311 440 277 and +420 770 600 606

Our stations for missions:
Masarykova 1363, 252 19 Rudná u Prahy
Čestín 40, 285 10 Čestín

Chief of operations, health assistance and executive director
David Veselý
tel:+420 602 537 076
mail: c.Fo2i4WH_nFV%e4Ys

Foreign assistances, executive director
Robert Löwy
tel: +420 777 663 234
mail: 7hJIQOQ-Worz5W7r

Medical Assistances Orders
Kateřina Gebauerová
tel: +420 770 606 105
mail: 2.ok_3hgc8m%C25n0iBhTj

Chief Crew Manager
Martina Komůrková
tel: +420 724 144 414
mail: 6hzE89enW7c-UZl__hkmb

Crisis Manager
Ing. Martin Kamarád Dis.
tel: +420 311 440 277
mail: 68zk8Z86LTqk.3fgT-M

Psychosocial Intervent
Daniel Skučko
tel: +420 731 101 835
mail: %dHm1~4WH_nFV%e4Ys




General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR

It is very important for us to care about your personal data in a correct way so we would like to inform you about processing your personal data – name, date of birth, address, number of your insurance company, contact to you and your relatives.

Davepo medical Service process your personal data as a provider and has a person who is responsible for personal data protection, email: 7hJIQOQ-Worz5W7r; your personal data are processed according to law. All phone calls are recorded, in foreigners there may be copies of passports done.

Your personal data are used in a relation to providing health care services and in a relation to proceed medical documentation to your insurance company.

Of course, if you have any questions, don ´t hesitate to contact us.

To read much more about GDPR, please, follow this link.